Kunal Ghosh Threatens To Commit Suicide


Kolkata: TMC’s suspended MLA Kunal Ghosh has yet again threatened to commit suicide on Monday at the Bankshal court.

On Monday, Kunal Ghosh threatened that if the CBI did not pay heed to his problems and explanations, then he would commit suicide inside the court itself. He even said to the judge that none would be able to do anything if he kills himself. He compared himself to a dead soldier and said that CBI is using weapons on a dead soldier.

Kunal Ghosh told to Judge Arvind Mishra that he is in jail since 23rd November 2013. As a result, his family is completely destroyed. He said that he submitted several proofs to the CBI. He is also ready to submit 3 CDs to the CBI. But even after this, if the CBI fails to take any proper step, then he would kill himself in the court itself. As a result, security has been increased.