Kunal Ghosh Summoned By CBI Over Sarada Case


Kolkata: The CBI summoned Kunal Ghosh on Monday morning. Following summons, Ghosh appeared at the Salt Lake’s CBI department. He was questioned for almost 3 hours.

After interrogation, Ghosh said that he was asked to come for the sake of CBI
investigation. He added that he came in the past and will also come in the future
if called.

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However, Ghosh remained mum on what was discussed with the investigating officials.

Ghosh had submitted a letter to the CBI after getting bail. Apart from the details
of the letter, the CBI also demanded some documents from him. Speculations are rife
whether Ghosh had appeared before the CBI to submit these documents.

Ghosh was carrying a file with him. When questioned about this, Ghosh said that the
file might contain some of his novels.