Kunal Ghosh should be set free: Sudipto Sen

Investigation an ‘eye-wash': Kunal Ghosh

Kolkata: In the day when the CBI officers have started to hunt down the Silicon workers all over the state, the main accused in the Saradha realty Scam, Sudipto Sen comes up with a court stirring statement at the Bankshal Court, Kolkata. In the court room, at the time of the hearing of the case of a private news channel in vernacular, Sudipto sen has pleaded before the judge to release another accused in the financial scam, Kunal Ghosh.

According to sources, Sudipto Sen’s lawyers have claimed that Kunal was no way related to the financial transactions made by the channela nd the authorities. It is infact stated that, Kunal Ghosh was in no way associated in designing the financial structure of the channel, says the lawyers of Sen. Stating this point, Sudipto Sen’s lawyers have even raised the point to free Kunal Ghosh of the case as he is no way connected to any kind of financial transaction made in the channel.