Krishi Bikash Shilpa Kendra Introduces Solar Energization Programme


Kolkata: Krishi Bikash Shilpa Kendra (KBSK) recently introduced a Solar Energization Programme at the press club in Kolkata.

The Solar Energization Programme focuses on Solar Energy as Reliable Source of Energy for Village Electrification. It is tailor-made to fulfil the electricity needs of remote rural areas under Point number 18 Grameen Oorja (Energization of Rural Area) of National Programme.

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Mr. P. K. Das, Chairman of KBSK said, “It is a matter of grave concern that even after 69 years of Independence, a significant part of rural India is still living in a dark age owning to lack of electricity. Through Solar Energization Programme, KBSK has taken an initiative towards uplifting the condition of hundreds of villagers residing in remote area across the length and breadth of our country. As per the National Electricity Policy, non-conventional energy sources like solar systems hold the key to energization of remote villages.”

Mr. Devraj Giri, a member, revealed that, “Initially KBSK has plans to install solar energy equipment from first week of January 2017 in 150 villages across different districts of state. However, in the expansion phase of the programme, KBSK will implement the total system of solar home lightening and street lightening in villages.”

As per information by  WBREDA, Department of Power & N.E.S. Government of West Bengal, there are about 2000 villages only in West Bengal and as same the other part of country also where conventional electricity line cannot be extended due to prohibitive cost and improper infrastructure. KBSK has taken the initiative because the problems can be solved by the solar energy route. As part of the programme, KBSK will install Solar Home Lighting Systems and Street Lighting Systems in those 2000 remote rural villages and islands of West Bengal during the next five years and this initiative will also create employment opportunities for about 1000 unemployed youth across the state.

Mr. Devraj Giri added that the society is also making tie up with officials of Rural housing division in the Ministry of Rural Development to get financial support for training under IA Y scheme to give masions skill training to the BPL families whose houses approved in the current financial year in all districts of the West Bengal. Elaborating further on the role of KBSK, the chairperson said that, “In fact, this was the sole voluntary organization to turn those ambitious 20 point developmental programmes into a reality across West Bengal.” He further said, “Our prime concern during all these years had been to provide responsive, corruption free and transparent administration to the people.” He concluded by saying that, “The society is bound to scale new heights in every sphere of development with team work.”