KP Uses ‘Sujoy Da-Puchki’ Meme To Promote Safe Driving


Kolkata: Kolkata police have been getting applause after they used a meme featuring Sujoy Da-Puchki Jodi to promote government’s ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ campaign in the state.

The meme captures Sujay Da wearing helmet when biking which reflects he is also a responsible lover apart from cute romeo. The Bengali version is captioned “Sujoy Da-Puchki R Juti Kebol Misti Noy Daityoban Oh.”

Durga Puja knocks at the door and bengalees are also ready to welcome the biggest festival of Tilottoma. Durga Puja means the season of love and tenderness. We see that recently Pantaloons released a advertisement for their Durga puja sale promotion where we see the cute love strory of Sujoy da and Puchki. Puchki took permission from her dada who also known as “Puchkir dada” and went for Bike riding with her beloved Sujoy Da.

Sujoy Da-Puchki video instantly went viral in Facebook so Kolkata police took them and use it to promoto Safe Sriving. Earlier, Police had been getting applause after they used a meme featuring Argentine legend Lionel Messi’s missed penalty.