KP Takes Initiative To Make Diwali Safe For Animals


Kolkata: To make this Diwali safe for the four limb-friends of us the Banshdroni police conducted a procession to spread this message to the common man. Through this procession, the police tried to give a message to the society that animals suffer from the sound of the fire-crackers. The animals also have the right to live well. There are several side effects of heavy sound fire-crackers.

This procession was organized in association with an NGO.About two hundred people participated in this procession. Nearly twenty canines also joined this procession. This is a step to ensure that our loved animals are highly disturbed by the loud cracker noises.

Banshdroni police station OC Amit Sarkar said, “Although the use of noise crackers have been almost reduced but if it’s completely stopped then these innocent creatures will be able have a better and healthy life.Several time it has been seen that many animals becomes deaf due to the noise crackers Therefore, this initiative has been taken as a duty to make people aware about this issue.”In addition to controlling the law and order the Kolkata police also plays an important role in spreading social messages to the citizens through their innovative ideas. Through today’s procession the Kolkata police has tried to make this Diwali safe for all. So lets’ make this Diwali safe for our lovely pooch, as it’s their Diwali too.

Reported By: Shoyeta Bhattacharya

Edited By: Mousumi Das