KP Seized Gold Biscuits From Metro Station


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police recovered 150 gold biscuits from Mahatma Gandhi Road metro station on Sunday.

মেট্রো স্টেশন থেকে ১৫০টি সোনার বিস্কুট সহ গ্রেফতার দুই

Soon after the gold biscuits were recovered, the cops nabbed the two smugglers within a short period of time.  The present market rate of the recovered gold is Rs 4.88 Crore.

The smugglers boarded the metro from Dum Dum station. The Police were alerted by a tip off. The smugglers were arrested as soon as they landed in M.G Road.  Police claimed that the gold biscuits were smuggled from Bangladesh to Kolkata.

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The gold biscuits were glued to the smugglers’ bodies. The police is questioning the two smugglers to know more about the smuggling racket.

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