KP Protecting Vikram, Alleges Roopa


Kolkata: State BJP has come out with all its fervor to protest against Kolkata Police (KP) handling of the death case of model Sonika Singh Chauhan.

Few well wishers of Sonika had gathered in front of Tollygunge police station seeking for justice and also blamed attitude of police in handling the case. Roopa Ganguly, BJP MP and leader of women’s wing was present there. She alleged that KP is lackadaisical is handling it.

She alleged that as actor Vikram Chatterjee is close to the ruling party, police is not investigating the case in a right manner. Without naming Arup Biswas, Roopa Ganguly indirectly pointed fingers at the TMC legislature from Tollygunge who is trying to cover up the whole incident with the help of police. According to sources, another friend of Sonika might go to police to file a case against actor Vikram Chatterjee.

Social media was alive with debate as to whether on April 29, Vikram Chatterjee was drunk or not. Investigators have revealed that they have recorded the statement of Vikram about the accident that took place on April 29. Police spoke to local people who had witnessed the accident. Both forensic and car reports has been asked to be furnished for further investigation.

Few reports will he handed over to police within this week. The crucial report that police would get this week is the blood report from where it will be known whether he was drunk on April 29 when the accident took place.

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