Cops To Find Whom Vikram Called Post Accident


Kolkata: Tollygunge Police wants to find out whom actor Vikram Chatterjee had called right after the accident that took place on wee hours of April 29. So the call lists of the actor’s phone are under scanner. Not only police wants to know whom he had called but would also want to verify the statement that he made to police and to those people whom he called after the accident.

Police has asked Vikram whom he has called that morning. It is also imperative for Police to know what were the actor’s words about the accident. So police would question those whom Vikram had called that day. If need be the statements of the actor’s friends would be recorded as well. All this would be done to find out whether Vikram is concealing anything from the police.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, the actor has been grilled for 3 hours by Police to know what incidents took place from the time he meet Sonika till the accident that took her life. Police also questioned him whether he was drunk or not to which the actor said that though he drank but he was under control. He did not over board.

Initially after the accident, Vikram did informed police that his car suffered accident as he had given space for another car to manoeuvre. Later on Tuesday, he said that the wheels of his car skid on the tram track.

Police is not satisfied with the statements made by Vikram. Sources said he might be called again for interrogation.