KP Forms New Division To Strengthen Security

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Kolkata: Police Commissioner of Kolkata Rajeev Kumar on Friday evening inaugurated a new division of KP to strengthen the security of Kolkata. According to Kolkata Police, a proposal of new division at first submitted to the CP and after that it was sent to the Nabanna. Nabanna gave thumbs up to this new proposal.

নিরাপত্তায় আরও জোর দিতে নতুন ডিভিশন কলকাতা পুলিশের

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Five police stations of south Kolkata included in this East Division. The five stations are Survey Park, Pragoti Maidan, East Jadavpur, Panchsayar, Kolkata leather complex.
Police officials said that they received many complaint about security hike in this area. So after that this divison was made to hike the security of locals. Deputy Commissioner took the in-charge of this divison.

At this moment, eight division were under Kolkata police. This divisions are- North Division, USD, South, Central, South Suburban, South West Port Division and South East. Seventy police stations are under this divisions. Rupesh Kumar is taking the in-charge of DC East.