KP On With Aabesh’s Mysterious Death Investigation


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police went to the old Princeton Club on Tuesday for investigation more on the death of Aabesh DasGupta.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Kolkata Police visited Princeton Club on Tuesday. The police received information that Aabesh had gone to Princeton Club with his friends hours before attending the party at Sunny Park apartments in Bullyguange. They had lunch at the club.

The officers went to the club to find answers to questions like when did Aabesh go to the club, who all were with him, how long were they in the club, did anyone unknown call Aabesh. The officers interrogated everyone from club officials to workers. The CCTV footages have also received by the police, as per sources. But another source reveals that there were no CCTVs at t he place where Aabesh was sitting with his friends.

Eminent author Amit Choudhury and several of Aabesh’s friends were summoned and interrogated at Lalbazaar today. Actor Rituparna Sengupta also visited Aabesh’s mother.