‘Komen’ attack dreads Bangladesh


Dhaka: A slow-moving monsoon depression that has already unleashed lethal amounts of rain in West Bengal formed into a tropical cyclone over the northern Bay of Bengal on Wednesday. The cyclonic storm, named Komen, threatens to further drench regions that are already reeling from flooding and mudslides, which have claimed at least 27 lives in two countries. For about a week, heavy rainfall has been pounding southern parts of Bangladesh and parts of neighboring Myanmar thanks to a weak area of low pressure designated a "depression" by meteorologists in that region – that formed over Bangladesh in association with the seasonal monsoon. 

The monsoonal depression that spawned Komen moved offshore from Bangladesh before strengthening over the Bay of Bengal, but it has already begun to reverse course and move back toward shore. The center is expected to move back over Bangladesh before curling westward, eventually taking it into parts of India where it should dissipate. The track is likely to bring more torrential rainfall to the already-stricken region, which consists of low flood-prone coastal plains in southeast Bangladesh and a series of landslide-prone ridges from the interior of that area into western Myanmar. On the other hand, a red alert has also been issued in some districts of West Bengal. Bengal has been receiving ample if not incessant rainfall since last few days. Hence, it is estimated that Komen might also have lash on to West BEngal.