Kolkata’s Mayor-In-Future Firhad Hakim In Different Mood


Kolkata: Monday will be a big test as the election for the would-be-mayor will be held at Dharmatala. 143 councilors will vote out of which 122 are from the ruling party.

Despite 122 being from the ruling party, Firhad Hakim is a bit worried because Mina Devi Purohit has been fielded by the BJP against him.

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Most of the councilors like Mina Devi and knows about her. When BJP did not make its way in Bengal, Mina Devi has been here since then. Hence, Boby is worried. To ease himself of this tension, he was seen in a different mood on Sunday.

Kolkata’s mayor-in-future Firhad Hakim took part in his area’s football rally.

The football rally was organised by Chetla Football Association.

Hakim walked along with the club’s followers.

Firhad while walking played with the football too.

Firhad walked in the rally with the football in his hand.