Kolkata’s Iconic Netaji Statue To Lose Its Importance ?


Kolkata: The Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s statue at the Shyambazaar 5-point crossing is not only famous countrywide, but also an important Kolkata landmark and a part of Bengal culture. But reports emerge that this statue will get covered as talks around the city point towards the build-up of a footbridge infront of it.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation, which had unveiled this important statue in 1969, said that the decision to build the footbridge has been scrapped. The planning was made by KMC some 2-3 years ago when the Kolkata Traffic Police has etched out plans to set-up footbridges in important points in the city. Shyambazaar 5-point crossing was included in the plan. But this plan seems to have backfired as the setting up of the footbridge would pose a threat to the statue’s identity as it would get hidden behind it.

According to a regional news portal, the foot bridge was planned to have been from B.T. Road to Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road. Another reason for it getting scrapped was the presence of the underground Shyambazaar metro tunnel.

Debashish Kumar, the present Mayor Parishad of KMC, said, “The Netaji’s statue at Shyambazaar is a unique icon of Kolkata. It would not be allowed to construct an obstacle in front of it. If the foot bridge is to be done, then it must be seen that the statue does not gets hidden. If there is any alternative space then the construction could be done there.” Debashish Kumar also informed that apart from Shyambazaar, foot bridges at 6 other places would be constructed.