Kolkatan Set To Witness Of The ‘Museum Of The Moon’

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Kolkata: The city is set to witness of the Super Blue Blood Moon. Kolkatans will get an exclusive view the full moon this weekend.

‘Museum of the Moon’, an installation of the astronomical body using imagery from NASAs camera and put to shape with the help of UK Space Agency will be on display at the lawns of Victoria Memorial on February 17 and 18.

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On Saturday evening, a giant full moon in all its splendor and glory will descend over the northern lawn of Victoria Memorial Hall (VMH).

British artist Luke Jerram, who has put up the installation, said, the 23-feet wide replica of the moon is half a million times smaller than the astronomical body. The installation created with the help of detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface will offer a complete view of the moon.

When the internally-lit full moon glows at the VMH grounds, only a sliver of the actual moon will be visible in the sky as it will be barely two days after Thursday’s new moon.

Since its first exhibition in late 2016, ‘Museum of the Moon’ has travelled within the UK, France, Netherlands, US, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Dubai and Hong Kong. The venues have ranged from a swimming pool, an atrium, a dockyard and a cathedral.

Before Kolkata, the moon was displayed at Bengaluru, Udaipur and Mumbai. Jerram’s moon has evoked reactions from across the world. The artist recounts how a young girl in Bengaluru asked him if he would put the moon back into the sky.

Jerram came up with the idea 20 years ago but couldn’t execute it due to logistical issues and fund crunch. There was no NASA imagery and there weren’t printers big enough to make this artwork. The imagery used by Jerram was taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter camera.

The moon finally took shape two years ago with the help of the UK Space Agency, University of Bristol and The Association for Science and Discovery Centres and a several festivals.
Birla Planetarium director (eduction & research) Debiprosad Duari and British Council director Alan Gemmell will be present at the inauguration .

The project uses imagery of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, he said. The high resolution moon image used to create moon artwork was created by the Astrogeology Science Centre in USA with the image taken by a NASA satellite. ‘Museum of the Moon’ was co-commissioned by a number of organisations brought together by Jerram and Norfolk and Norwich Festival, sources in the British Council, which is the organiser, said.