Kolkatan Will Experience Warm Winter


Kolkata: Kolkata is experiencing a warm Winter, this season. Winter arrived late and it is not yet that cold in most parts of  the state.

Even the Gangetic plains of the North which are very cold during December are witnessing warm days. Thick woollen clothes are now in the wardrobes, heaters are not switched on and the people are worried. The entire Deccan (comprising southern states) is also unusually warm.

According to Alipore meteorological department the unprecedented western hurricane came in the state in 22nd January and it is the reason  for the missing winter. Comparison of 2014’s temperature on December 29 with 2015’s temperature on the same day throws up some really worrying facts.

In 25th Jan it was 17 degree Celsius.On Saturday, it was a maximum of 28 degree Celsius and a minimum of 14 degree Celsius. Temperatures may rise by half to one degree.