Kolkata24x7 wishes all of you a ‘Happy Promise Day’

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“What are words if you really don’t mean them, when you say them” goes Chris Medina’s song. Perhaps, it sums up the need to keep the promises made to your loved ones. If one thinks the person is the one he is waiting to share his life with, he has to make sure that he lives up to the promise of staying together throughout.A promise made under moonlight, close to the heart, immersed in a warmth has a complete different flavor altogether.

promise-1Promise Day is celebrated on February 11 world-wide which is also the fifth day of the Valentine Week. It is the day to express love and trust to our loved ones. Promises build faith in relationship. On this day lovers make promises to each other of loyalty, togetherness and endless affection. On the other hand, old couples promise to keep up and live the promises they had made to each other in their green-days.

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Taking this opportunity, Kolkata24x7 promises all its viewers of presenting and spreading love as long as we breathe and see. The team is dedicated to extend our family of viewers and on this day We Promise to keep you always, ‘First with the News’.

‘Happy Promise Day’ to all…