Kolkata24x7 wishes you ‘A Happy Chocolate Day’


Flowers, candy, red hearts and romance. Perhaps that’s what Valentine’s day is all about to us today. Only a lover’s heart can feel the warmth and joy of sharing a few moments holding the hand of their love in the dark of the night amid the blowing breeze on a lonely sea beach.


Well, after wooing the love of your life with a beautiful red rose on Rose day and after proposing her on Propose day one can further sweeten the matter by gifting a delicious yummy chocolate to her on Chocolate Day.



Here are some chocolates that may turn the tide in your favour:

  • Teuscher: A skillfully blended piece with a touch of love, the 70 year old chocolate having the finest cocoa, marzipan, will melt in the mouth spreading an exotic aroma.
  • Norman Love Confections : this pumpkin white chocolate bonbon is almost too lovable to eat.
  • Richart: A committed to quality, French chocolate can do wonders and can make your ‘love’ feel really really special.

Although the exotic and elegant foreign chocolates have the capacity to leave a mark but a home made cookie with chocolate topping and a pinch of love can lit up the brightness in her eyes. And believe us friend, that is a site one would die to see.


So Kolkata24x7 has paved the way and showed you the avenues which could make your love journey all the more a caramel affair. So, we wish you a Very Happy Chocolaty day ahead of the day of LOVE. Be with us and be a part of this journey towards love. Believe..the magic will follow!

Assimilation : MoniShankar Choudhury.