Kolkata24x7 wishes everyone ‘Happy Teddy Day’


Kolkata: After having a delicious and wonderful day with your love, laced with the creamy and aromatic chocolates on Chocolate day, it’s time for enjoying the gentle soft touch of love. Its Teddy Day.

This day is specially relished by girls because a girl’s love for a soft cuddly teddy bear is a truth evident from a long time.If one wants hiteddy-11s girlfriend to remember him all time, one should make an effort to gift her a soft cute adorable teddy bear that she will not be able to put down. The teddy is sure to wrap her up in warmth and love and take her to a different world of soft tenderness.

Here are a few facts about the day, the Teddy Bear was inteddyvented in honour of American President Theodore Rosevelt after the president refused to shoot a bear during his hunting spree. The toy was created by famous toy maker Morris Michtom in the US and Richard Steiff in Germany simultaneously in the early year of 20th century.

So, Kolkata24x7 believes in furnishing a little bit of fact wrapped up in the softness of the Age. We wish all our viewers to be a part of this journey towards the ultimate day of Love. For today, a very happy Teddy day to all of you.

Assimilation: MoniShankar Choudhury