Kolkata24x7 Reporters Under Attack As Protest For Reformation Of Road Intensify


Kolkata: As Locals protests against deadly roads of Behala’s Jinjira Bazar area intensify, Kolkata24x7 reporters are facing the wrath. Few days ago, Kolkata24x7 showed pathetic conditions of Jinjira Bazar adjacent road. Today, the media persons assaulted while going to show the protest.

For the last twenty years, the road did not reform. The promise was made many times but locals did not get the road.  Nimtala area is under Diamond Harbour constituency. However, many times internal clash came to the lime light on that issue. It has been reported that Rs 2 crore have been allocated for the road but the road was not created even today.

At the starting point of the road there is also a signboards of Prime Minister Gramin Yojana. The signboard also includes the date and end date of the making road. The tenure of the making road is on November 30, 2017, from November 29, 2018. That means more than one month left but the road is still the same.

When the media reached at the spot, they assaulted. One said, “The local MLA has made a promise. Temporary arrangements will be made in 15 days. But it did not do any work. We also submitted a signing memorandum but it did not work.

So we were forced to go down on the street. We have not been able to give security to the press. How long will we be deprived off? According to sources, Azad assaulted the reporters.
Now the question raised that when they will get a new road? Or the situation remained same.

Reported By- Souptik Banerjee

Edited by- Piku Mukherjee