kolkata24x7, a new journey begins


Kolkata: Starting our journey from 26 June 2013, Kolkata24x7 has come a long way. Gone are the dark days, now the rainbow has shown up in the sky. Kolkata 24×7 is moving forward at a very rapid pace. In the long course of our journey we have now come up with our English edition.

In 2013 the whole Media industry suffered a major blow from the Saradha Scam. Thousands of Journalists lost their basic means of livelihood in midst of an uncertain future. After overcoming many turbulent conditions, Kolkata 24×7 came into existence with a few journalists under the leadership of Rana Das and Sucharita Sen Chowdhury.

Kolkata 24×7 has been one of the leading web portals in Bengali language where one can have the taste of every kind of news. Now comes the English Edition. It will have segments similar to that of our Bengali Edition.

Our primary aim is to serve the flavour of Bengal in the international sphere. With our main focus directed towards providing the mainstream news from Kolkata and the districts of West Bengal, we have always tried to provide the best news to the audience within a short span of time in the most convenient manner.

In this age of technology the world is moving fast. Kolkata 24×7 provides you the best news just at the click of a mouse or a touch of your smart phone.

You can get updated with each and every important news of Bengal through our Mobile App which can be downloaded from Google play store.

Team kolkata24x7