Kolkata24x7 Gets Video Of India China Tussle In Ladakh


Several Indian newspapers reported that the Indian Army had successfully foiled two incursions by the Chinese at the border in Ladakh. Now, MEA has also confirmed that a scuffle did take place. After that a new video has emerged in facebook and it shows that But the Chinese started stone-pelting within few which were responded well to by the Indian soldiers.

kolkata 24×7-য়ের হাতে ভারত-চিনা সেনাবাহিনীর মধ্যে ‘ভয়ঙ্কর’ মারপিটের ভিডিও

The video also shows that Chinese soldiers climbed up on the rocks and began throwing stones at Indian soldiers from a distance. A few seconds later, he flew off to the ground as an Indian soldier kicked him real hard.

Indian troops on Tuesday foiled two incursion bids by the Chinese in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ladakh region but not before stones were thrown and soldiers injured on both sides as India celebrated 70 years of Independence.

The clash near the Pangong Lake, which divides Indian and Chinese territory, comes at a time when the two neighbours are in standoff thousands of miles away in the disputed Doklam plateau close to Sikkim on India’s northeastern border. The two-month-old row has soured ties between the two sides, with China accusing India of trespass.

“Indian and Chinese troops came face to face at two places in Finger Four and Finger Five areas near Pangong Lake in Ladakh region,” a government source said. When Indian troops told the Chinese to retreat, words were exchanged and then a scuffle broke out. “Stones were thrown at each other, resulting in injuries to troops from both sides after which finally the Chinese forces retreated,” the source said.

The nature of injuries and number of soldiers involved could not be confirmed. The troops “disengaged” after an hour and the Chinese patrol went back, sources said.