Kolkata24x7 Exclusive: Kolkata Boy Samarpan Maiti Wins Mr Gay World India 2018 Title


Mousumi Das, Kolkata: Kolkata boy Samarpan Maiti wins the glorious title of Mr. Gay World India 2018. Samarpan who is a senior research fellow in the field of cancer drug discovery from a reputed institute in Kolkata, stumbled upon a modeling career after his friends pushed him towards getting into shape.

In an exclusive interview with Kolkata24x7 Samarpan shares his experience after winning his title of Mr. Gay World India.

He says “It’s one of the glorious moments in my life. It made me feel that finally my struggles got acceptance. It’s the victory of all the struggling souls and I am just representing them. I am very happy to make them glorified. Receiving all this love and support from all quarters. My friends, family, colleagues are all well happy and proud and that’s the big thing.”

He owes his victory to all the hidden faces of LGBT community, all who are neglected, seeking for acceptance, all who are fighting with themselves and society, all who are searching proper words to express themselves,; they inspired him to come to this platform and speak for them.

He further added some other names whose immense support has helped him to fetch this award , he would like to thank Sushant Divgikar, director and producer MGWI; Sanket and Darshil for their enormous amount of hard work to make him groomed in a right way.

“If you love your work and if you have that passion then nothing can be a barrier,” he says.

He shares with Kolkata24x7 about the experiences of his hardships that he went through to reach this elite point in life, Research, modeling, social work, singing, writing all these are the fields of his interest. He tried to manage everything without any compromise. He adores every field as a mother cares equally to each of her children. Scientific research needs a lot of hard work, critical thinking ability to solve problems and discover new, dedication and patience. And his training as a research fellow helped him to prepare himself for the MGWI event , the main mantra of his success is critical thinking and dedication to solve issues. He worked hard at late night without hampering his research work.

Samarpan believes one should accept that they are living in a Heteronormative society, so growing up as a child where one is expected to have a certain kind orientation with a different taste of preference and mannerism. There are so many stereotypes attached to a gender identity. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted the way they are. In that sense breaking the set rules becomes difficult.

He proudly says, “Being different becomes a challenge.” “One need to accept themselves as they are.”

He has set an example for the society and also gives a message for them who are living in a Heteronormative society , it’s a world over phenomenon and our country is not different.

According to him being different is okay. First one need to accept themselves as they are. The coming out happens to oneself and then to rest of the world. It’s a long process, having a friendly support group equally helps. One shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for help if they need it.

”Accept yourself – who you are and feel proud about your true self. Stop self-hatred, acknowledge yourself, go beyond labels and try to do better for the society, irrespective of LGBT or non-LGBT; if people love you for your work, they will accept you as who you are, one day,” he concludes.