Kolkata Zoo’s New Inmate, Dies


Kolkata: The zebra born at Alipore zoo on Wednesday morning died of weakness barely after 24 hours later as the mother refused to feed him.

The foal was up and running within 30 minutes of birth but was spurned by the mother all day, leading to its condition deteriorating as the day progressed.In April 2017, a baby giraffe whose mother had spurned him since birth died at the zoo.

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A team of keepers and vets gave the foal doses of glucose-laced water and baby food mixed with minerals and antibiotics through a feeder. “But none of these was a replacement for mother’s milk,” a vet said. The baby started collapsing late in the night and died early on Thursday morning. “In the final hours, it couldn’t stand on its feet,” Samanta said.

A zebra at Alipore zoo gave birth to a male foal on Wednesday morning. The baby was born around 6.10am and was up and running within 30 minutes. The latest arrival has taken the zebra count in the zoo to nine. It is rare but not impossible for a mother, especially first-time ones, not to feed a newborn, animal experts said.