Kolkata Tops The Chart For Blue Whale Challenge Search Globally


Kolkata: According to a Google Trends report for the last one year Kolkata has topped the chart globally for searches results for Blue Whale Challenge. The game prompting children to commit suicide was searched the most number of times in the city. The data further revealed that the city also topped in searches in previous one month, three months and a year. The search results for the game increased after the news of a few children committing suicide emerged in national media in the past one month.

This apart, India’s five cities, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, Mumbai and Bengaluru, remained in top ten cities searching for the game across the world. Commonly searched words for the game included blue whale challenge game’, ‘the whale game’, ‘blue whale game download’, ‘blue whale apk’, ‘blue whale suicide challenge’ etc.

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Among the 30 world cities, Kolkata was followed by San Antonio (US), Nairobi (Kenya), Guwahati (Assam), Chennai (TN), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Mumbai (Maharashtra), New Delhi, Howrah (West Bengal) and Paris (France).

Earlier The Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate (ASISC), which runs around 250 schools across the state, also launched a programme to train teachers and students on the fallouts of the Blue Whale challenge and other such dangerous online activities. The move follows a city police advisory urging people to restrain themselves and others from playing the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’.

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On the other hand on 24 August, West Bengal CID also shared an awareness video on its official Facebook page to warn teenagers and issue guidelines for parents and teachers to enable them to protect children. “The video has been uploaded so that people can understand the hidden agenda of the game,” a senior CID official told PTI.