Kolkata to Tribute to Terror Stricken Paris


Kolkata: A replica of the Paris’s Eiffel tower is going to be erected in New Town’s Ecopark to tribute to the Paris Attack. The Bengal Government has taken this initiative to pay respect to the rare history and also to honour the victims of the Paris terror attack by the IS.

Primary discussion regarding the construction of replica is completed. HIDCO has been given all the responsibility to construct the tower. According to sources, the height of the replica at Ecopark will be 55 meters which is 6 times smaller than the original Eiffel tower. The construction work is expected to will be completed within next month.

Other than Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Brazil,s statue of Jesus, great wall of china, Peru’s Machu Pichu & Rome’s colloseum will be constructed at ecopark. This results as governments winter gift to its citizens.