Kolkata To Get Mini Pumping Stations At Four Ghats

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Kolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is ready to set up mini pumping stations at four ghats in the city. The four ghats include Nimtala Ghat, Chandpal Ghat, Dilarjung Raod Ghat and Chandpal Ghat.

To prevent waterlogging during the monsoon, these mini pumping station with dewatering pumps will send the accumulated water on the road back to the river. This project has already been approved by the board of engineers and sent to Mayor Sovan Chatterjee for his final approval.

The city has witnessed that waterlogging takes places in areas , which are adjacent to the river, during monsoons. This is because the lockgate of the river is closed for more than five hours during high tide and if there is heavy rain, the accumulated water cannot drain into the river. The dewatering pumps will be used to channelise this water back into the river.

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There are presently 18 lockgates connected to the river. Mayor Sovan Chatterjee claims that the situation in Kolkata during monsoons is far better than cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Ahmedabad etc.