Kolkata To Get First Urban Forest In Country


Kolkata: The Kolkatans will be delighted to see the presence of a dense forest in a city full of concrete buildings. A city-based organisation has decided to protect and nurture the environment through ‘Heal the Earth campaign, Clean is our birth right’ campaign.

The forest, which will be spread over 4 acres of land, will come up at Rajarhat near Tall tree nursery. Green for Life Foundation along with HIDCO will set up the country’s first urban forest.

The trees of this urban forest will absorb the carbon dioxide released by 275 people. As a result, at least 275 people will receive air free of pollution.At least 8,500 trees will be planted in this man-made urban forest which will produce 9 lakhs 94 thousand 500 kg oxygen. The forest will also absorb 5 lakh 27 thousand carbon dioxide which will help in reducing the pollution in the city.

After the urban forest project gets completed, at least 400 people will get pollutant-free air. Birds and animals will also be present in the forest.

Michael John Bevern said, “We want to bring the concept of urban forest to Kolkata first because the organisation is based in Kolkata. The forest which we will set up will provide benefits to the citizens of Kolkata. We are building it naturally.”

Apart from maintaining the balance of our environment through the presence of trees, there will be opportunities to buy trees too. A tree can be purchased at Rs. 500. One can even buy and plant and nurture it in the urban forest itself. In that case, his name will be written on the tree.