Kolkata Students Bag Prize for Remote Pump Operating System


Kolkata: Adding one more feather to the crown of Kolkata, Five final year pass-out students from the Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology (MSIT) in Kolkata have bagged the runners-up prize at the prestigious Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge 2015 by inventing a system that will enable farmers to turn on their pump sets (to water their fields) from home by using mobile or landline telephones.

The students named as Suman Basak, Anik Dutta, Sourav Sinha, Priyanjit Kumar Ghosh and Mostafa Kamal Mallick, from the Electronics & Communication Engineering Department of MSIT, came up with something they named XENCOM.

Xen means water in Chinese and Com is short for communication. They presented this idea to NASSCOM’s Idea to Proto-type Challenge for Eastern India and bagged first position in June, 2014.

Using this, the farmer can operate the pump set from home by using his mobile or landline phone. It has Advanced Password Protection system to ensure that only the owner can operate his pump.

“The system keeps the farmer updated on the goings on in his field through its advanced IVRS feature and SMS service. It turns off the pump automatically, without any manual intervention, when the water in the field reaches the optimum level,” says Prof Tirthankar Datta, principal, MSIT.

The students from MSIT participated in the challenge along with 3,200 other teams from engineering colleges across India and Sri Lanka.The finale was held on June 12, at Texas Instruments’ Bangalore Campus. It was former President APJ Abdul Kalam who handed over the prize and a cheque of US$ 5,000 to the students.