Kolkata Safe Due To Distance Of Earthquake Epicentre


Kolkata: An earthquake epicentreing in Hooghly has jolted several districts of West Bengal on Tuesday. But Kolkata did not feel the tremor completely due to depth, saying Central Met office, New Delhi.

The quake felt at around 6:30 pm in the evening. East Midnapore, West Midnapore, Purulia immediately felt the vibration. Kolkata got the heat of the tremor vey less. Most of the Kolkata resident could not feel the tremor. Alipore Met Office said the intensity of vibration was low in Kolkata.

Kolkata was standing 76.72 km away from the epicentre of the earthquake. There is no status in last seven years of such closure in earthquake which goes most of the sides in Jalpaiguri.

How Kolkata Could Not Feel The vibration ? The weather specialist are saying that, the epicentre of the quake goes 10 km under the soil. The ratio is like the depth has reduced the intensity. 10 km distance saved Kolkata from earthquake.

Many houses have been collapsed after the earthquake. So there was a chance to collapse almost hanging houses in Kolkata. There was much to worry about in Kolkata after the earthquake but somehow did not happened anything.