Kolkata Residential Complex Accused of Illegally Culling Street Dogs

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Kolkata: A housing society in south Kolkata has been accused of brutally culling more than sixteen dogs in complete violation of animal rights. Residents of Diamond City West have been accused of hiring men to kill stray dogs who had found shelter inside the compound. The incident took an ugly turn at Tuesday when animal lovers and residents at the complex got into a angry brawl injuring many. Denying the accusations, residents at the complex say the animals “posed a threat to kids and elderly people” residing there.

Nearly 20-25 stray dogs had made the complex their home for over an year. Some of the residents even fed them and took care of them. However, lately many had noticed that the animals had disappeared. Initially, no one suspected any foul play but later when they saw men armed with lathis and sacks chasing those mongrels, they became suspicious.

One such resident Manisha Bhowmick says she saw those men dangling a puppy with rope round its neck. Though she protested and freed the puppy, she was unable to get hold of the men who fled seeking help of the office bearers of the residents’ association. This angered a section of residents who found out that some of their fellow residents were at fault. They immediately informed NGOs working for animal rights and also filed an FIR with the local Sarsuna police station.

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Those people along with some outsiders now suspect that the dogs didn’t disappear on their own rather they were killed by the people hired by some of the residents. At present only seven dogs could be traced. Several NGOs along with actress turned Trinamool MLA Debashree Roy reached the residential complex on Tuesday to protest. However, they were resisted by the security guards leading to a scuffle.

Some members of the residents Welfare Association claim that the entire matter was being taken care of by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and that they have no role to play at all. “We had complained to the KMC and later their staff came twice and rounded up dogs for sterilization. It was on the third visit that animal lovers, including some from outside raised objections,” said Dipak Agarwal, president of Diamond City West Welfare Association.

They further alleged that protestors manhandled the guards on duty and have filed a counter FIR against the animal rights activists.

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