Kolkata Professor Comes Under Flak For Misogynist Post


Kolkata: Jadavpur University professor Kanak Sarkar have made several misogynist social media posts in the past. He made such posts again, hereby sparking controversy. Soon after protests started in social media, he immediately deleted the post.

In the now deleted post, he has compared virgin girls to a ‘sealed bottle’ or a ‘sealed packet’.

The image of the deleted post has been published by ‘India Today’. It can be seen that the professor has written-

‘Many boys remain fool. They are not aware of virgin girl as wife. Virgin girl is like Sealed Bottle or sealed packet. Are you willing to buy broken seal while purchasing a Bottle of Cold drinks or a packet of biscuit?’

The professor wanted to profess the idea that a virgin girl must be selected as one’s wife.

He has been a professor for 20 long years. According to him, a virgin wife is like an angel.

Though he has deleted the post, but the screenshot of it has become viral on facebook. Prior to this, he had posted in December 22 where he said that if a girl is virgin before marriage then she must be proud of herself and should celebrate it.