Kolkata Prisoners Painting Exhibition Will Give Message To Save Heritage


Kolkata: The city of joy is known for its heritage and culture. Kolkata’s history is strongly rooted in the British Raj days of India. It was British who were responsible for creating the city of Kolkata.

The correctional inmates are going to convey to save the heritage to the people of Kolkata. The prisoners will get this message in a new way. Not only this, the prisoners will convey this by their hand painted pictures which will be showed in the Indian Museum of Calcutta.

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“World Heritage Week” will be celebrated on November 19th worldwide. And this day has chosen by “Rakshak Foundation”. There will be a total of 30 painted canvas in this exhibition. The historic monument of the city is chosen as the theme

14 residents of the city’s correctional home are drawing these pictures. Out of 14 people, there are 4 men and 10 women resident.

Chaitali Das, Managing Trustee of the Rakshak Foundation, said, “Historical patterns of Kolkata can not be counted. We are proud of this. We are responsible for the maintenance of these. Due to lack of maintenance, many historical monuments are being damaged. If we all come forward with responsibility then the city will become more beautiful”. She further said, “What could be more beautiful than art! There is no discrimination. “