Kolkata Police To Use Twitter For Road Safety


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police has started twitter accounts for every traffic guard on Friday.

The Traffic department of the Kolkata Traffic Police has decided to operate the different twitter accounts of the various traffic guards under the Kolkata Police. The KP is extremely active on social media. Starting from filing suo-motu cases on violence against women, to taking immediate action against any social evils, they have been doing a commendable job. After KP’s huge success on social media, now they have hit upon this idea.

Till date, the twitter account used to be operated from the Kolkata Police Traffic department’s headquarters. In an effort to increase efficiency and speed in their work, the KP will be handling the account from 25 traffic guards. It will enable them to solve problems area-wise.

According to a police official, “If any big complaint is made area-wise, then the police can take quick action and reach the spot with police force. Not only will they solve problems of common people, but the KP will also inform them about traffic disruption due to meetings and rallies in the area, road blocks or or water-logged roads, through their twitter accounts.”

The police officials believe that due to this initiative, they will be able to provide detailed information area wise. The KP is doing their best to solve the daily problems faced by any common man.