Kolkata Police To Soon Acquire Helicopters For Effective Policing

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Kolkata: Kolkata Police would soon begin using helicopters for effective management of any security situation. The force would soon be buying a few of the crafts.

Recent additions to Kolkata Police include a commando force and sniper rifles. The force is gradually getting on par with using the most modern policing methods and tactics.

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The police has held detailed discussions with experts regarding the advantages that they can have with helicopters – like rapid deployment of forces, often to an inaccessible area – and also on aspects like the specifications of copters for city policing, where to have the copters stationed to make them easily accessible, etc.

It has been decided that the copters would be manned by the NSG-trained special police personnel. At least four persons would be able to sit in the helicopters which are going to be ordered. The helicopters would be manoeuvrable in narrow spaces and would have facilities for fitting guns.

Kolkata Police acquiring helicopters would also help the neighbouring police commissionerates.
It should be mentioned that the use of helicopters is a given in many cities in advanced nations, and Kolkata Police would soon walk along that path.