Kolkata Police Summons Mirza Over Narada Issue


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police summoned IPS officer Saiyaad Mustafa Hussain Mirza on Sunday over the Narada scam in West Bengal.

As per lalbazaar sources, according to the Narada footages, former police super of Bardhaman Mirza was seen accepting money in the footages. It led to controversy in every sphere. He has been summoned for questioning about the authenticity of the scam and about his link with the Narada chief.

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As per sources, the process for summoning and questioning Mirza would begin from Monday. The officers are also seeing about any legal problems to be encountered in questioning an IPS officer. As per sources, the investigators might summon him this month for investigation.

Earlier, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has ordered a probe on part of the state government. Following the order, the Kolkata Police lead by CP Rajiv Kumar made several advancements in the case. Email has been sent to Narada news web portal. The hotel where Matthew Samuels stayed was raided. Travel agencies, he used to purchase tickets were also raided. A notice was also sent to Narada chief Mathew Samuels.