Kolkata Police STF Arrests 6 For Possession Of Yaba Drugs


Kolkata: The Anti-FICN team of STF intercepted six persons near Eden Gardens under Maidan PS area, Kolkata on the basis of source information on Friday.

The Abdul Rashid alias Jony (25 ) of Ekbalpur, Abdul Sahid (50) of Ekbalpur, Abdul Zahid (32) of Ekbalpur, MD. Raju Ahmed (26) of Vill-Sialmara, Bangladesh,Naraynan Mondal alias Naran (35) of Vill Muchiya, Malda., Sabir Sk alias Juel (27) of Malda.

More than 2000 Yaba Tablets (189 gm) have been found from their possession. The Yaba drug, also known as Crazy Drug or Maddening Drug or Nazi Drug are contraband psychotropic substances and therefore they were arrested and prosecuted under section 22(C) / 29 NDPS Act.

The arrested accused persons will be produced on Saturday before the Ld court of CMM, Kolkata.

Yaba drugs are in great demand in Bangladesh. These drugs consists of
Mathamphetamine and caffeine. It is also called a Maddening or Madness drug. They
look like small granules which can be smuggled easily.

The use of this drug has increased in Bangladesh recently. These are usually
brought in from Myanmar to Indian through the North-East states such as Assam and
Manipur. It then comes to Kolkata and then goes to Bangladesh.

Prior to this, several times information of this racket was received. This drug is
known by different names in Bangladesh, which are, ‘pill’, ‘Lal’, ‘Baba’, ‘Chakka’,
‘Guti’ or ‘Bori’.