Kolkata Police Responds To #MeToo Campaign


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police on Tuesday responded to the viral MeToo hash tag campaign. The Internet saw people across the world coming together to raise their voice against sexual abuse and harassment of all forms.

The Kolkata Police department took to Facebook to share a heart-touching message saying,


Millions of women shared their stories of sexual abuse after Hollywood actor Alyssa Milano made a simple request on Twitter on Sunday asking them to reply to her using the hashtag MeToo to talk about the “magnitude of the problem”. And in no time, her simple tweet turned into a global campaign.

It wasn’t only women but men also came forward to share their stories and acknowledge that sexual harassment is a serious issue among all genders.

“We also feel it important to talk to boys about the need to stop sexual harassment, and for this, we have recently launched a project, Dear Boys, in schools. We have visited ten schools of Kolkata, and the second part of Dear Boys will start mid-November,” the force also said in the post shared by over 1230 people.

Facebook users appreciated the initiative but and some pointed out that the police should not look into sexual harassment cases as a problem faced by only one gender.