Kolkata Police Makes Tom’s Mission ‘Possible’


Kolkata: Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission’ might be ‘Impossible’ in the entire world. But it has been made ‘Possible’ only in Kolkata. The story unfolds as.. Tom Cruise is racing on his bike to catch the villain. Cruise is not at all worried about the speed limit. As a result, he loses his balance and eventually lands in the hospital.

No this is not the story of the movie, but of the one made by Kolkata Police through a meme on its official facebook page. The popularity of Kolkata Police have recently attained great heights. They have already used various ways to bring about awareness among the citizens. But this time, their method has become very popular in the social media.

Kolkata Police has been using memes to spread awareness among people where it teaches the people to take perfect steps for their protection. This time, they have used Tom Cruise’s meme to spread awareness.

Prior to this, they made memes on the issue of taxi refusal in the city. Through the meme, KP pointed out how to reach them in case of such an incident.

In another instance, the famous characters from Sholay, Jay-Veeru, was used in their memes to create awareness about bike stunts.

On using Sanjay Dutt’s character from Munnabhai MBBS for another of their memes, an official of the Kolkata Police said, “The meme on Sanju attracted lot of audience. Just the way Raj Kumar Hirani achieved success once more through his picture Sanju, similarly the Kolkatans took interest in Kolkata Police’s Sanju Traffic Law.”

‘Ghar se nikalte hi,’ a famous Bollywood song, also found its place in another of KP’s memes.

Reporting By: Soyeta Bhattacharjee
Edited By: Saheli Dey