Kolkata Police Lodges FIR Against 46 Offenders

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Kolkata: In an effort to reduce speeding vehicles in the city, the Kolkata Police
has lodged FIRs against 46 offenders for breaking speeding norms.

Speedo-meters are placed at every hook-and-corner in the city, which helps to
police to keep a track of the drivers. The police have also given strong messages
to the citizens through the social media platform over ill-effects of moving in

But despite of warning drivers, they remain negligent to the warnings. Hence the
Traffic Police decided to take steps against 46 offenders whose excessive speeds
have been caught on CCTVs. An sms was sent to each of their mobile numbers but in
vain. Out of these 46 offenders, some were seen to have broken the rules 20 times,
while others broke 12-13 times. Hence, FIRs were lodged and their licenses seized.

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Sumit Kumar, DC Traffic, said, “We are giving priority on the following of traffic
rules. Major accidents can happen due to these 46 people. Thus, we had to take
strict measures against them. We arrested 46 of them and seized their licenses.
Those who are accused of breaking traffic rules, often try defending themselves.
But we have the CCTV footages as proof which helped us. The offences are same in
case of all the 46 people. Actions were taken based on proofs.”

Case were filed against the 46 offenders under section 279 under the IPC. A person
convicted under this act is liable to be jailed upto 6 months and license gets
cancelled for 3 months.

According to another official, statistics points out that private cars are the
maximum vehicles which breaks the traffic rules. According to Lalbazaar sources,
CCTVs will be placed at some more points in the city which will help to track more
offenders and reduce the issue of breaking traffic rules.

Intersections of the city where offences are committed more, will come under the
strict scanner of the police. After taking action against the 46, the traffic
police is identifying more offenders.