Kolkata Police To Get Special Dog Squad For Terror Attack


Kolkata: In around the beginning of the month of March, the city police’s Special Task Force will get an attack trained dog squad from German – the first of its kind in Kolkata, named – Guard And Assault though such squads exist in many countries all over the world.

The Kolkata Police department recently cleared that the six trained dogs from Gwalior Training Organization, doing their best to protect and prevent from the terror activities. For raising the trained attack dog squad that will be used for operations to get at the hardest of criminals and terrorists activities in the toughest of situations.

The dogs are now being trained and will be ready to come in the city in the next months. After that, they may be used for specific operations. Attack dogs are those that are bred, trained and used for attacking a target either on command or on sight. These dogs are used in police and military operations in different parts of the world – including the USA and Russia. At the top level, these elite dogs are expensive, specially trained and have quick and sharp response.

They are trained to chase and injure a target and they undergo the toughest trainings to work even amidst firing and other adverse situations. The dogs are trained to identify situations where humans are in danger, and they lead the way to the target where human beings may not be able to tread. These trained dogs likely to get special dress for them which would be made by Foam.

Also, from the point of view of criminals, they are more shaken by a ferocious animal than a policeman, whom they are mentally more prepared to combat.

These attack dogs are very different from the sniffer dogs that all police forces have – which are primarily used for sniffing out bombs and detect criminals through their power of smell. They are much tamer than the attack dogs which are especially trained to be ferocious.