Kolkata NCB Arrests Nigerian With Cocaine


Kolkata: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCP) arrested a Nigerian with cocaine on
Wednesday. The arrest was made based on the information by the zonal unit of NCP,
NCP, Kolkata.

The zonal unit had information that the Nigerian was travelling from Mumbai to
Bengaluru in a bus. An immediate search mission was launched by five teams of
Bengaluru police and Mumbai police at several places of Bengaluru. Finally the 27
year old was arrested by the NCP. 180 grams of cocaine worth Rs. 18 lakhs
(approximately) in the form of a capsule was recovered from him.

NCB’s Zonal director Dilip Srivastav said, “Kevin had come to Kolkata from Mumbai
to smuggle cocaine. High-profile people from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are
recipients of smugglers.”

Important information would be found out by interrogating him. However, if anyone
else is involved in this matter, then that would be found out too.