Kolkata Metro Stations Will Have Public Toilets Soon

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Kolkata: First time in the history of Kolkata, Metro Railways has decided to set up public toilets in the station. According to sources at public toilets will be built at three metro stations Sobhabazar-Sutanati, Sahid Khudiram and Noapara. Initially, Metro officials have chosen three metro stations.

It may be mentioned that passengers of Metro railways had to face a lot of problem due to lack of public toilets at the station. The metro network currently consists of one operational line of 27.22 km from Noapara in the north to Kavi Subhash (Garia) in the south with more than 300 services daily. On an average, more than 6.5 lakh commuters avail metro services in the city and the number of stations stands at 24.

The decision has been welcomed by the citizens particularly women. “We will be immensely benefited if there are public toilets at all stations. In foreign countries, there are toilets inside metro compartments,” Puja Jain, a daily commuter said.