Kolkata Metro Restricts Student Smart Card Use


Kolkata: The Metro Railways decided to restrict the use of Student Smart Card to 2 rides per day which is effective from Monday.

The Metro Railways decided to restrict the use of the Student Smart Card in an attempt to curb the misuse of the concessional smart cards which were issued to the schoolkids, by limiting its usage to two rides per day. According to the metro officials, this step was taken after it came into light that the cards are being used several times a day by parents accompanying the children to their school.

Metro Railway Spokesperson Indrani Mukherjee said in an interview with a leading newspaper that,” We offer 50% concession to school children. This means that they get a 40 ride smartcard (for a Rs. 5 zone) only for Rs. 80. Effectively, each ride costs them Rs 2. Over time, our system has picked up that the concessional cards are being misused.” She also added, “Guardians use these cards while using the Metro after dropping their wards at school and again returning to pick them up. We were forced to take the step to prevent this malpractice.

Concessional cards are issued from special counters on producing forms issued by schools stating residential addresses of students. These smart cards are meant only for travel between two specific stations or ‘point-to-point’. According to another Metro official, such rules hold true for all concessional tickets including monthly season tickets.