Kolkata Makes Way For Heart Transplant Again


Kolkata: Another heart transplant in Kolkata. The harvested heart from the donor has been airlifted from Andhra Pradesh. And it reached the Fortis Hospital in Kolkata from the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport through green corridor in sixteen minutes.

The harvested heart of the 22 year old donor Surya Narayan Ramu from Andhra Pradesh was brought to Kolkata on Sunday. Reportedly, donor Surya Narayan suffered brain death after he met an accident in Andhra Pradesh. The receptor Samiran Dutta a resident of Kolkata was suffering from heart ailments.

The doctors of the Kolkata Fortis hospital contacted the Apollo Hospital in Andhra Pradesh after getting the news of brain death patient. Doctors of Fortis hospital said that the family of Surya Narayan gave the permission for heart transplantation. Therefore, without wasting time the doctors arranged the heart transplanting procedure.

After reaching Dumdum airport from Andhra Pradesh, the heart of Surya Narayan was taken to Fortis Hospital in 16 minutes through the green Corridor. The surgery was arranged by the doctors at night.

According to the hospital source, doctors have successfully completed the surgery. However, it is said that after the surgery Samiran Dutta will be kept under observation. Later, in a press conference the doctors said that moreover in the cases like this the donors are mostly from out side of West Bengal.

Reported By: Soyeta Bhattacharya
Edited By: Mousumi Das