Kolkata HC Sends Legal Notice To Narada News


Kolkata: Kolkata High Court orders to send legal notice to Narada News group for carrying out the sting operation. On Friday there was a one and half hours of hearing of the case by chief justice Manjula Chellur’s division bench.

After a lot of question and answers Kolkata High Court ordered to send legal notice to Web Portal Narada. Kolkata High Court also ordered the next hearing on Tuesday and ordered any lawyer or representative of Narada News to be present at the next hearing.

Three cases regarding the bribe case was registered at Kolkata High Court a few days back. According to the appeal, the video shows a lot of Trinamool members and MLAs taking bribes. Hence the state police cannot be given to investigate the case. The full investigation should be handed over to CBI. And Narada News’s representative or Lawyer must be present in the next year.