Kolkata embrace the new ‘Duty Hours’


Kolkata: Bengalis are habituated and comfortable in the pre-restricted duty from 10am to 5pm. But in reality, this 10-5 duty is all about getting into a new world altogether. It is like drowning in the VIBGYOR of life where different colours merge in to re-define the notion of 10-5. It is concerned with trade no doubt, but it is the trade of flesh. The market is like that of ‘Share’, but instead of emotion and strategy, bodies get shared in this business. Money flows like champagne to recreate the intoxication of lust. People offer service which ultimately leads to ‘satisfaction’.

Yes, this is the new definition of 10-5 in Kolkata. The City of Joy has joyfully embraced the new profession. The dreams of youth get ‘escorted’ to the beds of ‘massage parlours’. It is not only the Bengalis who have involved themselves to this lusty affair, but the Gujratis, Nepalis and Marwadis have also been a part of this business. They provide the service for an hour or two and earn a bag full of hard cash.

The services run throughout the city. Whether it’s Hazra or Hatibagan, Lansdowne or Lake Gardens, Janbazar or Jadavpur, one can avail the escort service wherever he pleases. The service providers,when surveyed, are found out to be women from a variety of age. Starting from 18, one can share the bed with a lady of forty five. However, the amount charged is different for different profiles. They are even ready to visit the place of the clients provided the client is ready to pay some extra.

From dance bars to massage parlours, the city seems to welcome this new trade with open arms. Offices are set up in various corners where the service is available from 10-5. Some do it for need, others for recreation. The added security of the customers, parking facilities are also provided along with the main job. The offices are specially set up with sophisticated wrapper for those who feel shy to enter the areas of ‘Sonagachi’.

To sum up, after puffs of cigarettes, shots of vodka and chewing of tobacco, a complete new form of intoxication has gripped the city. If one evades the dark allys of Kolkata, one is sure to get entertained with ‘lusty’ pleasure. It is a new era, where ‘service’ is finally ‘satisfaction’.