Kolkata Diarrhea Outbreaks: Claims First Life


Kolkata: The Diarrhea outbreak claimed its first victim with the death of 33-year-old Biswajit Das, who had come down to Bagha Jatin about two weeks ago for a wedding.

The Diarrhea outbreak which some doctors are calling an epidemic and, particularly, Biswajit Da’s death, has exposed the local hospital’s inadequacy to handle sudden rush of patients.
Biswajit’s wife Tumpa, who has seven-year-old twins and is four months pregnant, has been numbed by the death.

Brother Surojit was livid at KMC and the hospital. Biswajit, a resident of Ichapore in North 24-Parganas. He had come down to Kolkata with his family on February 2 to attend a wedding. Though the ceremony got over on February 7, they decided to stay on for another week to visit relatives and friends.

Biswajit Das’s family alleged Das would have survived had the authorities of Bagha Jatin State General Hospital admitted him, instead of treating him and letting him go, only for them to return to the hospital and being referred elsewhere in the evening.

In Kolkata, as many as 1000 people are suffering from diarrhea caused by alleged contamination of drinking water and 28 of them are admitted in a city hospital, revealed officials. But according to a source, the number is 72, are admitted in hospital.

Twenty children with diarrhoea have been admitted to the Institute of Child Health. Several kilometres away from Baghajatin, residents of Nonadanga are also affected. Almost every family at Balmiki Ambedkar Abasan in the area has a diarrhoea patient.

“Over 75 patients have been admitted to the hospital over three days. Many have been discharged. Two patients have been referred to the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Beleghata,” the official said. An official of the state government’s health department said nearly 1,200 diarrhoea patients had come to Baghajatin hospital alone in three days.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation collected samples from different places to detect the cause of the outbreak. “Overall about 650 people reported suffering from symptoms of diarrhea and affected were from wards 101, 102, 107, 108, 109 and 110. Our Water Supply Department personnel collected samples from water treatment plants from where water is supplied to these areas for testing,” a KMC official said.