Kolkata CP Rajiv Kumar Monitoring Bagri Inferno From Spot


Kolkata: Hours are passing by, but the fire is still not under control. When at one
side the fire is being doused, at the other end, sparks from fire are cropping up.
The fire could spread more due to the presence of inflammable substances in the
area. The Commissioner of Police Rajiv Kumar is monitoring the situation at Bagri
market area from the morning.

The CP was seen getting atop one of the fire tenders and giving instructions to the
fire servicemen. Sometimes he was seen going in front of the ladders and giving
instructions to the officials. He also tried going inside the market several times.

Fire was seen in several places from Monday morning. Everything is damaged due to
the fire. Cracks are seen in the walls and the building can collapse any moment.
Water is being given to douse the fire on one hand, and to cool the walls of the
adjoining houses on the other hand.