Kolkata Bazaar: A Colourful Kaleidoscope


Kolkata, one of the frontline metropolis of the country is a well-known and happy fashion hub of the people. Although there has been a steep rise of the sophisticated malls and posy fashion outlets, the street shopping, although window at times, promises to be one of the favourite leisure occupations of many city dwellers. From street vendors to super markets, from boutiques to malls, Kolkata is chock-a-block with many shopping centers. Here are some of the favourite fashion joints of the city. Read on:

New Market: The old and traditional shopping hub of the city. With nearly 2500 shops catering to almost everything imaginable, this crowded shopper’s zone offers incredible variety of goods at darn cheap prices and is the favorite shopping destination for all bargain hunters. From cotton saris to shoes to crockery, Bankura clay horses, jewelry, leather goods and more, New Market offers a shopping experience that cannot be missed. New Market is open on all weekdays from 10 am to 8 pm and till 2.30 pm on Saturdays.


Hatibagan: From sorceries to the cheap tant sarees, the Hatibagan shopping complex or to keep the flavor intact, the shopping area is one of the favourite shopping hubs of the Kolkatans. The sweet shops, shabby cabin’s fish fry and cutlets add to the shopping energy of the people in the area. The north Kolkata feel of the area also serves to be one of the most important factors of shopping in Hatibagan. It is open on all days.


Dakshinapan Shopping Center: Located at Dhakuria,  Dakshinapan Shopping Center is noted worldwide for its traditional handloom and handicrafts. The two-storeyed open-air aristrocrat shopping complex is cramped with state government outlets that deal in handlooms and handicraft items. The latest in-trend fashionable sarees, junk jewelries, a number of provincial emporiums and a wide range of attires are all a part of this happening cultural fashionable shopping joint of South Kolkata. Although most of the shops sell goods at a fixed rate, you can always try and bargain a little for the best deals. Dakshinapan is open to visitors on all days except Sundays.


AC Market:  AC Market at Theater Road is one of the most busy markets of the city. Although it serves as a mall, it doesn’t pinch the pocket of the generation much. . There are more than 2000 fully air-conditioned shops. From shoes to bags to cool gizmos and branded outfits, AC market houses everything from sherwanis to iPods to cotton kurtis, all at affordable rates.


College Street: Newly known as ‘Barnaparichay’, the  College Street market plays the perfect host to quite a number of things. From daily fashion items to day-to-day belongings, this area will never leave you empty handed. Coming out of its bookworm status, the College Street market in the central Kolkata is one of the most cherished places of the generation of all ages.


Fancy market :Fancy market at Kidderpore is one of the most popular markets in Kolkata. Spread across three floors, Fancy market or Five Star Market, houses number of shops that deals in wide variety of imported goods. This awesome market has a huge collection of electronic goods, cosmetics, perfumes, glassware etc. You can buy anything from latest gadgets to branded perfume, all at an affordable price.


Khadi Gramadyog Bhavan : Located in Chadni Chowk area, it is one of the oldest places of shopping in Kolkata. Established in 1958, Khadi Gramadyog Bhavan is highly popular for its traditional and authentic products. Starting from dhoties, chadars, Bishnupuri, Kanjeevareem silk sarees and other khadi clothes, this store promises to give you the best product at the best price.



Dharmatalla: Dharmatalla, stretching from the Tipu Sultan Mosque till the Park Street crossing, the footpaths and the hawkers display a wide range of jeans, jackets, books, perfumes, sunglasses, watches and the most stylish tees. Beneath the Oberoi Grand, this busy walker's path always stays infested with shoppers of all ages.


Shopping Malls: And lawe have the South Cities and the City Centres and the Forums are undoubtedly the most loved shopping outings of the cities. The branded generation’s affinity for brands get a special exposure to the buyers here.  With the rise of class-conscious citizens, Kolkata have got its fair share of boutiques, branded shopping centers and attractive shopping malls.